First-Year Engineering Program is the entry point for all beginning engineering students. The First Year Engineering department has highly qualified faculty and has excellent state of art hardware and software resources.
The First-Year Engineering Program provides students with a firm foundation and initial understanding of engineering . Our professional academic advisors, faculty, and student advisors are dedicated to assisting beginning engineers with the first-year experience. The First Year Engineering department evaluates the performance of students by conducting regular unit tests, preliminary and online mock examinations.
It also organizes resource lectures of imminent personalities to give the additional input to students.


We are committed to transform SKNSCOE, as a leading technological institute in India which offers a dynamic learning environment with value based education through self learning and innovative thinking in students.


SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering offers a unique culture to enhance Self Esteem, Team Spirit, and Life Skills of students to match the need of fast changing world. The institute focuses on self learning abilities;Project based Learning's through well-defined curricular and co-curricular activities.

Sr.No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience In Yrs. E-mail-ID
1 Mr. Nikam Anil Ishwar HOD & Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Org. Chem.)(SET pass),Ph.D Pursuing 15
2 Dr. Badage Rajashree Nilesh Associate Professor M.Com, MBA, Ph.D 12
3 Dr. Deshmukh Sampat Govindrao Assistant Professor M.Sc.( Physics) ,Ph.D 23
4 Mr. Pawar Shivaji Vasant Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths.) 13
5 Mr. Dhane Appasaheb Dundappa Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths.), M.Phil. Pursuing 11
6 Mr. Padavale Yallappa Shivaji Assistant Professor M.Sc. Mathematics B.Ed. 9
7 Mr. Sudnye Rahul Baban Asstt.Prof. Maths. M.Sc. Mathematics 4
8 Mr. Bagal Santosh Vasant Asstt.Prof. Maths. M.Sc. (Mathematics),SET,NET 4
9 Mr. Bochare Vitthal Popat Asstt.Prof. Maths. M.Sc. Mathematics 3

Engg. Chemistry lab

We Conduct Expts. Like Alkalinity, Hardness, chlorides, D.O. of Water, Estimation of Calcium from Limestone etc

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Distillation Plant
  • Digital Balance
  • PH Meter
  • Potentiometer
  • Colorimeter

Basic Mechanical Engg Lab

We Conduct study expts. On Vapour Compn Refrigeration System, Demo on 2 stroke, 4 stroke engine model, demo on Pump etc.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Water Pump
  • Compressor
  • Power Plant Model

Basic Civil Engg. Lab

Introduction of Chaining, Ranging & Off Setting, Study of Prismatic Compass, Observation of Bearing & Measurement of included angle, study of Dumpy level, Reduction of level

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Dumpy Level
  • Open cross staff
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Line Ranger
  • Chain
  • Tapes

Engg. Physics Lab

Determination of wavelength of LASER, Kundt’s Tube, LASER beam Divergence, Band Gap, Mallus Law, Photocell, Spectrometer

Major Equipments in Lab

  • LASER with Optical bench
  • Spectrometer
  • Photocell
  • Mallus Law

Applied Mechanics

Law of Parallelogram of forces, Law of Polygon of Forces, Law of verification of moment, JIB crane apparatus, fletchers Trolly

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Polygon forces apparatus
  • Parallelogram
  • Jib crane
  • Parallel force apparatus
  • Simple & Compound beam
  • Fletchers Trolly

Basic Electrical Engg Lab

Study of KVL & KCL, Performance of RC, RL & R-L-C CKt., O.C. & S.C. test of Transformer

Major Equipments in Lab

  • KVL & KCL
  • RC, RL & R-L-C CKt.
  • O.C. & S.C. test of Transformer

Basic Electronics Lab

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Digital Trainer
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope
  • DC Regulated Power supply
  • Function Generator
  • Digital IC Tester

Computer Centre Lab

Major Equipments in Lab

    Processor – Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.5 GHz
    HDD – 300 GB
    RAM – 2 GB
  • DB HN-310
    Rating – 20 KVA
  • EPSON FX-890
    Type of Switch – Dot Matrix
    LCD Projector

Activities Conducted

faculty Achievements

Sr.NO Year Name of staff Details of Awards /Recognitions Organization
1 2014-15 Mr.S.G. Deshmukh Best Paper Award – ICEM 2014 conference Satyabhama University, Chennai (Tamilnadu)
2 2014-15 Mr.S.G. Deshmukh Consolation prize – ICC Conference 2015 Govt College of Engineering, Bikaner, Rajasthan
3 2014-15 Dr.S.R. Nalage Rank 1 in Pure science category (PPG) Avishkar 2014 Fabtech, Sangola
4 2015-16 Dr.S.R. Nalage Rank 1 in Pure science category (PPG) Avishkar 2015 College of Bio-technology, Wadala
5 2015-16 Mr.S.G. Deshmukh Registration fee Waived –ChEm conference 2015 IIT –Hydrabad
6 2015-16 Mr.S.G. Deshmukh consolation prize – ICC Conference 2015 Bikaner ,Rajasthan
6 2015-16 Dr.S.S.Hiremath Qualified SET --
7 2015-16 Dr.S.S.Hiremath Ph.D awarded --
8 2015-16 Dr.Ms.S.R.Nalage Ph.D awarded --
9 2017-18 Prof.S.V.Bagal Qualified SET --
10 2017-18 Prof.S.G.Deshmukh As a member of committee for 2nd International Conference on Condensed Matter & Applied Physics ( ICC2017) --

Student Achievements

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