One of the primary Engineering Departments of the institute offers four year full time degree course in Engineering.The department conducts activities like group discussions, debates, LCD presentations, paper presentation contests etc. The faculties undertake research projects in various fields of Civil engineering. The department has laboratories like Engineering Mechanics, Basic Civil Engineering, Hydraulics Machinery, Concrete Technology, Soil Mechanics lab, Material Testing lab etc.

This is the department which imparts knowledge in construction of various dams, buildings, fluid dynamics, bridges, large roofed structures etc.


Committed to carve proficient civil engineers for providing substantial input to cater basic needs of different stratums of society.


  • To develop highly skilful civil engineering professionals, preparing them to become valuable resources to serve up industry and society.
  • To offer an exceptional curriculum including in-depth coverage in technical sub-disciplines of civil engineering.
  • Committed to maintain a teaching learning environment with emphasis on student mentoring through Teacher Guardian Sessions.
  • To create research oriented atmosphere amongst students and faculty by inculcating Project based learning.
  • To provide consultancy in different civil engineering projects for industry and society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Program Educational Objectives for Civil Engineering program are designed to produce competent civil engineers who are ready to contribute effectively to the advancement of civil engineering and to fulfill the needs of the community. These objectives are as follows:

  1. Graduates will be prepared with strong engineering fundamentals leading to excellent performance in professional career in planning, designing, construction, operation & maintenance of the built environment and global infrastructure that meet the societal needs.
  2. Graduates will exhibit strong technical ability to create and synthesize data using relevant tools and concepts, for providing sustainable solutions to civil engineering problems and projects.
  3. Graduates will exhibit excellent interpersonal communication and resource management skills as leaders in the civil engineering profession while working as a part of multidisciplinary team
  4. Graduates will be prepared with sound foundation in mathematics, science and in Civil Engineering to prepare them for higher studies and research.
  5. Graduates will possess a breadth of knowledge and engage themselves in the life-long learning to meet challenges of globalization.
  6. Graduates will have a sense of responsibility, respect towards society & its heritage and will follow the professional ethics.

Program Outcomes(PO)

The program outcomes of Civil Engineering Program are summarized as following:

  1. Students will demonstrate the basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  2. Students will demonstrate ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret & analyze data and report results.
  3. Students will demonstrate an ability to design a system, component, or a process that meets desired specifications within realistic constraints.
  4. Students will demonstrate an ability to function in multidisciplinary team.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate and solve Civil engineering problems.
  6. Students will demonstrate the understanding of their professional Responsibilities ethically.
  7. Students will be able to communicate effectively to all concerned.
  8. Students will have the confidence to apply engineering solutions in global and social context.
  9. Students will recognize the need for and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  10. Students will have broad education for understanding the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  11. Students will possess an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

Sr.No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience In Yrs. E-mail-ID
1 Dr. Pise Chetan Pitambar Professor & HOD,Dean (Admin) M.E.(Civil), Ph.D 19
2 Dr. Sumant Khanderao Kulkarni Associate Professor Ph.D. Structure 13
3 Mr. Kedar Chadrakant Barsawade Associate Professor M.Tech. Structure 12
4 Mr. Pawar Yashwant Prabhakar Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Structure) ,Pursuing Ph.D 23
5 Mr. Kadam Shriganesh Shantikumar Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Structure), Pursuing Ph.D 20
6 Mr. Deshmukh Chandrakant Mahadeo Assistant Professor M.E.Civil (Environment) 28
7 Mr. Jagatap Digvijay Subhash Assistant Professor M.Tech (Construction Management) 10
8 Mr. Lakade Ganesh Dhareshwar Assistant Professor M.E.(Structure) 11
9 Mr. Uppin Sangamnath Virbhadrappa Assistant Professor M.E.(Construction Management) 10
10 Mr. Shinde Mahesh Bharat Assistant Professor M.E.(Structure) 8
11 Mr. Kulkarni Muralidhar Vitthal Assistant Professor M.E. (Structures) 6
12 Mr. Kamble Amol A. Assistant Professor M.Tech. (Structure) 6
13 Mr. Navale Mohan R. Assistant Professor M.E (Structure) 23
14 Mr. Karande Ajit Vilas Assistant Professor M.E. (Structures) 4

Strength of Materials Lab

This lab consists of different experimental kits which are related to study the material strengths. The different test conducted in lab are:

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Universal Testing machine
  • Hardness testing machine
  • Compression testing machine
  • Impact Testing machine
  • Torsion testing machine
  • Flexural tile testing machine

Concrete Technology Lab

In this lab different parameters for concrete making are Evaluation of Physical properties of concrete ingredients.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Flow table
  • Slump cone apparatus
  • Vibrating table
  • Vee-Bee test apparatus
  • Non- Destructive test hammer
  • Concrete mixer

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

In this lab different parameters for Soil are Index properties determination of soil Shear strength and permeability determination of soil Bearing capacity determination of soil Soil investigation and testing

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Direct shear test apparatus
  • Standard and modified Proctor
  • Unconfined compression test (Proving ring type)
  • Swell test apparatus
  • Standard penetration test assembly
  • Consolidation test apparatus
  • Triaxial test apparatus

UG Computer Lab

Major events/ assignments conducted in laboratory Hand on experience of civil engineering softwares

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Well equiped 24 PC's
  • LCD projector
  • H.P. Laser Printer
  • H.P. Scanner
  • Internet connectivity (L.A.N., Wi-Fi)
  • E - Journals

Environmental Engineering Lab

Major tests conducted in laboratory Testing the quality of drinking water and domestic waste water.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Digital pH Meter
  • Hot Plates
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Chlorine test set
  • Co- Hc Analyzer
  • Incubator (B.O.D.)
  • Nephelometric Turbidity meter
  • Electronic Digital Balance
  • Conductivity meter

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Following tests are conducted in laboratory Study of fluid pressure and it’s measurement Calibration of orifice, mouthpiece and venturimeter calibration Study of flow though pipes and open channels.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Losses in pipe lines apparatus and accessories
  • Notch Tank apparatus and accessories
  • Orifice apparatus and accessories

Surveying Lab

Following experiments are conducted in laboratory Application of Total Station for contouring, line out, profile leveling, etc.Permanent adjustment of surveying instruments such as Dumpy Level, Auto Level, Theodolite etc.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Dumpy Level
  • Automatic Level with Stand
  • Total Station
  • Digital Theodolite
  • Plane table with accessories

Engineering Geology Lab

Geologicalparameters related to engineering are studied in this lab like Study of basic properties of various minerals using available specimens in laboratory Study of Geological features such as Deep, Strike, Fault etc.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Various Specimens of Minerals
  • Models of Geological Features like Dip,Strike,Pitch etc
  • Geological Maps, etc.

Applied Mechanics Lab

Basic engineering principlea are verified in this lab like Law of parallelogram and polygon of forces Finding support reactions of beams Study of centrifugal force Verification of Lami's Theorem, etc.

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Law of Parallelogram apparatus
  • Universal force table for polygon of force apparatus
  • Bell Crank lever
  • Jib Crane apparatus
  • Support reaction of beams
  • Centrifugal force apparatus
  • Fletchers trolly

Transportation Engineering Lab

Floolowing tests are conducted in laboratory Determination of various properties of aggregates like Impact, of subgrade for road and railway works Marshal Stability Test of tar/bitumen

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Aggregate Crushing value testing apparatus
  • Aggregate impact testing apparatus
  • Marshal Stability test apparatus
  • Laboratory CBR testing apparatus
  • Ductility Testing machine complete with 3 moulds
  • Los Angles Abrasion Testing machine

P. G. Research Lab

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Various Software's required for analysis and design from Bentley like Staad Pro,
    Staad Foundation, SAP & ETABS, etc.
  • Models of Geological Features like Dip,Strike,Pitch etc
  • E Journals like Science Direct, Open J-GATE, etc

Basic Civil Engg. Lab

Introduction of Chaining, Ranging & Off Setting, Study of Prismatic Compass, Observation of Bearing & Measurement of included angle, study of Dumpy level, Reduction of level

Major Equipments in Lab

  • Dumpy Level
  • Open cross staff
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Line Ranger
  • Chain
  • Tapes


Formation of CESA

  • The Civil Engineering Students’ Association (CESA) was established in the academic year 2012-2013.
  • CESA is a non-profit student association designed to represent the needs of all Civil Engineering Students.
  • CESA allows students to mingle with there fellow Civil Engineering peers as well as help to boost future career of Civil Engineering students through networking.
  • We organize academic, social and industry events primarily for Civil Engineering Students of SKN SCOE, however all are welcome

Objectives of CESA

  • To create a strong community of SKNSCOE Civil Engineering under guidance of expert academicians, professionals and Industrialists.
  • To bridge the gap between University Curriculum and Industrial needs.
  • Help to prepare students to be an industry ready with support of academics and peer network.
  • To Encourage students for networking and to develop exceptional career opportunities through teamwork with professional touch.

Activities Conducted By CESA

faculty Achievements

Sr.NO Year Name of staff Credentials
1 2013-14 Dr. C. P. Pise Patent is published in Indian official Journal of Patent office, Issue No. 27, November 2013, page no. 28931.
2 2013-14 Dr. C. P. Pise DST funded project under Young Scientist scheme.
3 2014-15 Dr. C. P. Pise Ph.D. awarded
4 2014-15 Mr. G. D. Lakade Staff Exchange Program-Rwanda, Kigali Campus
5 2014-15 Mr. D.D. Mohite Sinhgad Technical Education Society-Rwanda, Kigali Campus
6 2015-16 Ms. S.V. Lale Class-II Irrigation Department ( 2015)
7 2015-16 Ms. S.V. Lale Class-I Irrigation Department ( 2016)

Students Received Fellowship

Sr.NO Year Name of Student University Country
1 2017-18 Mr. Anket Dhere Torr Vergeta University Of Rome Italy
2 2017-18 Mr. Gunjan Karade Torr Vergeta University Of Rome Italy
3 2016-17 Mr. Shantanu More University of Rome Tor Vergata Italy
4 2016-17 Mr. Aditya Mali University of Rome Tor Vergata Italy
5 2015-16 Miss. Jadhav Manali Ural Federal University Russia
6 2014-15 Mr.Kadam Sankalp Technical University, Sofiya Bulgeria

University Rankers

Academic Year


Name of Student


University Rank




Kale  Vaibhav Abasaheb




Dhanwade Rahul Balaso




Shaikh Shagufata Yakub




Kamble Amruta Vijay





Books and Monographs Publications

Sr.NO Author Name of Book ISBN Number/Publisher
1 Mr. G.D. Lakade
Dr. C. P. Pise
Mr. Y. P. Pawar
Performance of RC Building Under Dynamic Forces And Suitability of Strengthening By FRP Jacketing 978-1-365- 61278-7
2 Mr. Y. P. Pawar
Dr. C. P. Pise
Retrofitting of RCC Water Tank 978-1-365- 85187-2
3 Mr. S. S. Kadam
Dr. C. P. Pise
Mixed Fibre Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam in Shear 978-1-365- 85196-4
4 Mr. Y. P. Pawar
Dr. C. P. Pise
Seismic Analysis of RCC Building With Soft Story 978-1-365- 85195-7
5 Mr. S.S. Kadam Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete 978-1-365- 85710-2
6 Mr. C. M. Deshmukh
Dr. C. P. Pise
Analysis Composite Bridge Girders 978-1-365- 85716-4

List of MoU's

Sr.NO Organisation Name Purpose Date of MoU Signed Period of MoU (Years)


Vernier Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Pune.

Providing training to students & faculty in the area of Structural analysis with software’s.




CADD Centre Training Services Pvt. Ltd.

Providing training to students & faculty about different software’s used in Civil Engineering field in the area of .




Skyway Consulting Engineers, Solapur.

To Provide Hands on practice about planning and design of different structures for students through interactions/internships.




MITCON consultancy & Engineering Services, Solapur.

Entrepreneurship Development trainings and Motivation to students for being entrepreneur.




Seed InfoTech Ltd, Pune.

Providing Hands on training of Basic English/ communication skill, Aptitude and CCNA.




M/s C. P. Bagal & Co., Pandharpur.

Providing training to students about different construction practices used in Civil Engineering field through field trainings, site visits, etc.